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Here are some of positive testimonials that we have received so far. Thank you for taking your time writing a testimonial for us.


  • The flexibility and punctuality of your service are major reasons why we selected "Increase Your Youtube Views, Increase Your Popularity". Thumbs up for you guys. Rudy, Exelrod & Zieff LLP
  • "When I found Proplans Service I found a treasure and my life became easier. I stopped begging people to view my videos and stopped posting mass messages through Instant Messengers. With Proplans Service I can increase video views in such an easy and fast way! What could be better?" Beatriz L Rodriguez

  • "They helped make my dream a reality in minutes." "Increase Your Youtube Views" is the best service I have come across. You will be popular in just some hours, and just for a cheap price! My YouTube views are increase from about 100 to 10000 just in less than 1 day. Excellent. Cody

  • I will come back for more, definitely. Thank you for great service. Charles E. Monaco