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Home Proofs


4th August, 2009:

This proof shows how our system performs to one of the metacafe videos:

The video was added on 29-Jul-2009 and had 29 views initially, right now it has 1,229 views. I will update again a few hours later.



Update on 8th July, 2009:

Due to the confidentiality of each video, we don't post them on the "proofs" page anymore. For those who want to see the videos that we are promoting, please contact us here.

Thank you.



We have worked and advertised for many videos. Here are a few. We stopped promoting these videos. These are for your information only. All videos that we have promoted are up and running, no single one is deleted/banned by Youtube.



Serbian Tennis Player Ana Ivanovic

Added: October 09, 2008


Quantum of Solace 007 Trailer

Added: October 09, 2008


How To Blow 80 Million In 6 Seconds

Added: October 09, 2008


PS3 Playstation 3 smashed on the street before BestBuy

Added: October 09, 2008


Federer 2007 Highlight

Added: October 09, 2008


Federer backhand winner vs Djokovic

Added: October 08, 2008


Federer vs Hewitt Amazing Point

Added: October 08, 2008


Singapore Formula 1 Safety Car lead the way

Added: September 29, 2008